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  • Deutz Launches Bauma for Tier 4i Emission Solutions

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    Deutz Engine will launched at Bauma for Tier 4i Emission Solutions.DEUTZ will participate in Bauma exhibition once again in Munich this year, which is the world’s largest construction machinery, building materials and mining equipment and construction vehicles, equipment and machinery exhibition. The show time is from 2010 April 19 to 24. DEUTZ 321/516 booth located in Hall A4, booth area of more than 400m2, the engine will be displayed many products to meet the Tier 4i. The Tier 4 final emission standards will be more stringent requirements to existing and is expected to provide comprehensive post-processing components of the exhaust products.

    The 2010 Bauma exhibition is a showcase of innovative engine technology, identify trends and discuss the future prospects of the event;  will show up demonstrate its expertise again. As the world’s leading independent manufacturer of diesel engines with one engine, Deutz is also faced with more stringent emission regulation in the future challenges. As emissions regulations become more stringent, engine manufacturers must assume greater responsibility alone.  is fully aware of their responsibilities, in 2010 the Bauma exhibition emission standards for Tier 4 final exhibition issued by the innovative and environmentally friendly solution.

    Deutz TCD 20XX tentative model of the engine show is a notable bright spot, it is for the construction industry to develop the new products. Displacement of 2.9 liters of ultra-compact four-cylinder inline engine specially developed to meet the power range between 28 to 55.9kW construction machinery industry requirements.  cleverly designed, does not exceed 56kW limit, and therefore does not require diesel particulate filter and the associated complex particle regeneration. For most applications, the product requires only the use of diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC III B and will be able to meet Tier 4 emissions standards, DOC is an inexpensive and easy to install exhaust after-treatment system. 20XX Series engine optional accessories unique design, to provide a more flexible installation options, significantly reducing installation and operating costs.
    Senior Vice President of Sales and Services Robert T. Mann, said: “ of product development technology of the future development of a more far-reaching milestones. 20XX Series will power, reliability and environmental perception and Deutz-quality combination of organic together. ”
    Now, TCD 20XX series of successful R & D to make DEUTZ has emissions regulations in line with the next phase of a complete product line.
    Range from 50 to 85kW, Deutz flagship product is for TCD 2010. This powerful engine in line with construction machinery industry, the demand for all types of power, and to meet EU IIIB and US EPA Tier 4i emission standards. Displacement of 3.6 liters of TCD 2010 series to achieve significant performance gains small. The contrast is equivalent to 4 liter engine model has a clear competitive advantage. Small engine design reduces installation costs and minimizes power / weight ratio.
    From 2,300 to 2,400 rpm rotational speed between 70 to 180kW power in horsepower between the application, said by Citi for the  series of construction machinery and equipment with engines. These water-cooled four-cylinder and six-cylinder inline engine is easy to install and inexpensive, with excellent use of unusual record, including excellent fuel economy and durability, and extended maintenance intervals. The powerful engine is equipped with a turbocharged and air – air intercooler, and the external exhaust gas recirculation and cooling of diesel particulate filters, the typical advantages of high power density. DVERT ® platform ready to meet 2012 EU Tier IV and US EPA Tier 4 emission standards preparation; Decree 2004/26, according to EU-highway, EU Tier III B and US EPA Tier 4i regulations, this engine also meets the mobile operating machinery emission standards.

    For higher power range, DEUTZ TCD 2013 product line will be on display. The speed at 2,200 rpm is to achieve 160 to 250kW of power, this series of water-cooled six-cylinder inline engine with Deutz-known rugged and high performance characteristics. TCD 2013 series, equipped with a turbocharged and air – air cooler, cooling the external exhaust gas recirculation and diesel particulate filters, according to the EU decree 2004/26, non-road, EU Tier III B and US EPA Tier 4i regulations, emission standards for the mobile operating machinery. Wheeled equipment applications operating in the period, the product benefit from  Common Rail (DCR) high-pressure fuel injection systems, engine electronic control allows the engine control and integrated intelligent power output optional equipment. Lean-burn engine and front-end diversified structural arrangement brings maximum flexibility. Excellent fuel economy, easy and inexpensive installation and maintenance intervals extended also had a great economic benefit. Low noise emission is to ensure that the muffler measures to further reduce costs.

     power unit has become a complete high-end series. 2015 series V6 and V8-cylinder water-cooled engine speed at 2,100 rpm to 300-520kW power range. TCD 2015 series is compact, powerful and has a high power density, the device performance is impressive. CR latest electronic common rail fuel injection system (2,000 bar) ensures low fuel consumption, which has brought great economic benefits. The construction equipment engines with muffler components with optimized results, the engine has low noise emissions, smooth operation and high durability features. V-engine compact design saves installation space, thereby reducing the customer’s installation costs.  off-highway 2004/26 according to EU law, EU Tier III B and US EPA Tier 4i regulations, emission standards for the mobile operating machinery.
    Deutz developed to meet the EU-highway 2004/26 Act, EU Tier III B and US EPA Tier 4i emission regulations solutions with customer needs to change. The most effective way to these needs and the future in the balance between emission laws,  developed DVERT ® system, including the different modules to suit specific project engine configuration. As part of the compatibility, Deutz will be able to develop a combination of engine and exhaust technology system solutions. Variable DVERT ® composition, external exhaust gas after-treatment technologies, such as oxidation catalytic converter, particulate filter open and closed design, regeneration burner and reductant injection system (such as selective catalytic reduction (SCR), to combined in different ways, in the engine performance, comply with emission limits and competition bring the desired effect. Solution is designed to allow upgrades to meet future emissions limits even lower without the need for additional major modifications. This advantage is obvious increased power, better dynamic response, reducing fuel consumption and emissions, engine performance can be greatly improved. DVERT ® provides flexible installation options make it a model for all engines modular system, from the practical application of engine restrictions.

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