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    Maintaining Chinese or Euro IV Car with Engine [09/10/2014]

    1. What hazardous substance does the automobile exhaust has? a. Nitrous oxides (NOx): It can form acid rain and photochemical smog. b. Particulate matter: It can cause respiratory and cardiovascular diseases to people. 2. What is SCR after treatment system? …

    Maintanence Guide of Engine in Winter [13/01/2014]

    As winter comes, the maintenance of  engine becomes very important for these countries located in cold area, so here we brief some methods of maintenance, which will help you so much. 1, It must pay attention to weather changes if …

    Abnormal Noises Analyzing When Engine Running [13/01/2014]

    When the diesel engine in operation, there is not a normal phenomenon, generally will issue abnormal sound, usually a diesel engine “auscultation” will know that diesel is not the failure, if you hear unusual noises, shut down immediately to check …

    The Technology Features Introduction of Deutz Engine [13/01/2014]

    1. The cylinder body uses German standard of high strength and gray cast iron material, and the overall noise reduction damping design, and similar products compare noise reduction 3 dB, cylinder body when the design mature to repair and maintenance is …

    Diesel Engine Maintenance [06/01/2014]

    1.1   Lubriation System 1.1.1          Oil Change Cycle First time oil change should around 50 working hours for new engine or engine be overhauled, oil change cycle afterwards should decide according to engine using condition and oil quality, diesel oil change …

    Difference between Automotive and Construction Engine [28/12/2013]

    Regarding to the difference between the automotive diesel engine and construction diesel engine, here there are some points, firstly, the emission requirement of the construction diesel engine is very low; it pays more attention to the power and torque. The …

    Analysis of Construction Engine Overheating [28/12/2013]

    Phenomenon The engine overheating means the engine temperature exceed the normal max. temperature (80-90℃), even the water in the radiator will be boiling. The analysis of causes Engine overheating, generally it is the cooling water temperature in the engine body …

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