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    With the logistics industry increasingly fierce competition and rising transportation costs, the logistics industry needs to shift to high-efficiency urgently, low-cost operation model. For example , currently,in ShanDong province, there are thousands of companies engaged in the logistics business, intense competition in the development of logistics enterprise, vying trend has formed.How logistics companies to stand out in this increasingly “cruel” competition?

    On September 11th, Auman GTL super-powered super version listed activities equipped with ISG was held in “The Chinese logistics capital” linyi, shandong province. In the activity, revolutionary  ISG engine products pointed out the core of logistics industry ‘Saving energy and reducing consumption’, which give the guests a comprehensive understanding of its breakthrough product performance, but also a zero-Distance feel the super value experience of this product brought from Auman GTL super version through on-site test drive.

    Super ‘core’ VS new logistics challenges
    As the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Cold Chain Logistics Committee executive director Mr. Cui ShuGuang said, “In addition to cut down the costs, but also to choose better quality, higher attendance rate, longer life, more economical fuel consumption, lower operating costs and better service to support heavy truck, reducing maintenance and logistics operations costs from the source, to protecting the logistics company operating earnings “. The revolutionary  ISG heavy truck engine, just came into being in this market demand.

    ISG motor is dominant designed by  American team, developing collaborative with global technical resources and market team. In the beginning of design, establish the idea of provide customers with value, meet customer practical demand, which is the crystallization of  multinomial patented technology and advanced production processes. ISG engine development team, makes the design of engine to fully meet the needs of users in China, provides a strong guarantee that ISG engine become the flagship of China’s heavy truck, through in-depth study of Chinese heavy truck usage characteristics and logistics operating model.

    During the 5 years research and development, After the 60,000 hours of bench testing and more than 6 million kilometers road tests of ISG engine, finally, by virtue of the momentum-“technology pioneer, to lead the future”, achieved the perfect fusion of fuel economy, controllability and reliability.

    The party secretary Mr. Zhan Zhenjing of Beijing Foton Engine Co., Ltd. proudly said:” As the successful model of products integrated into the development process, ISG engine adopt new design ideas from cylinder casting, valve arrangement to braking device in cylinder, have achieved comprehensive innovating and breakthrough. For this reason,  can proudly announce to the industry now, the ISG compared with the traditional engine, engine weight, quantity of parts are realized a significant reduction. Furthermore, the Oil change period is longer, torque is bigger, and fuel consumption is lower”.

    ISG is inline six-cylinder heavy engine, only ISG11L and ISG12L models pushed into market currently, power in the period of 310-512 horsepower (228-382kw ), the increased of this engine power and torque, fuel economy, maneuverability and reliability have achieved new breakthroughs。

    The engine went public in 2014 which meet the Euro IV, China IV and Euro V emissions standards, is a green power products in the family of . In the same platform, the engine can upgrade to Euro VI emission standards. Not only that, the manufacturing process of engine is implemented production of environmental protection, engine with organic harmless, odorless paint and bearing without aluminum. We can say that the engine is tailored to an innovative green power for  heavy truck market.

    ISG engine is manufactured in Beijing new production heavy factory of Beijing Foton Engine Co., Ltd. ( and Foton 50% shares). New factory with a total investment of 2.2 billion yuan, covers an area of 66000 square meters. The installed capacity is 60000 units, according to the market development, production capacity can up to 120000 units. Foton adopt operating system (COS), for each link strict quality control, using advanced production technology and the online testing equipment, to ensure that provide customers with excellent performance, reliable and durable power products.

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