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  • DCEC QSB6.7 Series Construction Engine

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    DCEC QSB6.7 series construction engine.>> Engines has advanced in-cylinder combustion, which improved the reliability and durability, has good inheritance and easier for upgrade.

    >> High pressure common rail fuel system (HPCR) injection pressure is up to 1600bar, achieved multi-point injection, quick response of accelerator with different rotate speed, more efficient power output, better fuel economy, lower noise lower fuel consumption.

    >> Mature intelligent electronic control technology, enhance the overall performance of the engine, according to application requirements, the specifications of engine can be customized , higher ability of self-diagnosis and self-protection.

    >> Rear engine power output, high fuel adaptability, suitable for global applications.

    >> Integrated design, fewer spare parts, low failure rate, compact structure, easy to maintain.

    >> High-strength new cylinder design, improvement of displacement, more reliable and durable, low noise, longer use life.

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