DCEC 6LTAA8.9 Series Construction Engine

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DCEC 6LTAA8.9 series construction engine.>> Expanded stroke: Combustion gas expands more fully, increases effective power output, assures low fuel consumption under strong power.

>> Advanced 4-valve structure: larger horsepower, enhanced combustion, low fuel consumption, while makes low-speed torque increased, delivers great power and high efficiency.

>> With forced cooling articulated piston: withstand very high mechanical load and heat load, has good intensity.

>> Enhanced cylinder design: Low noise and small vibration.

>> The central arrangement of the injector and the symmetrical combustion chamber: make the in-cylinder gas mixture more even and combustion more adequate.

>> Advanced design: power ratio is up to 30.0kW / L, the machine structure is reasonable and has more convenient maintenance.

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