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  • EMAC Group Attends Deutz BF8M1015 Fire Pump Testing

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    On Thursday 13th March Sales Managers Richard Smith and Stanley Xu were present at the testing of 5 Huachai/Deutz BF8M1015 diesel engine fire pumps; the engines are 440kw@1800rpm V8 twin turbo engines.

    The pumps are designed to provide 250litres of water per second in the case of fire emergency in a commercial or residential building.

    Special features of the engines are heat exchanger water cooling, water to air intercooler, auto start up to full operating pressure within 10 seconds, water jacket heaters, fuel and air cut off controls, safety guarding on all moving parts, twin starter and battery packs with manual over ride.

    The engines have been designed to fit in a very compact space using flat sided exhaust manifolds and vertical heat exchangers.

    The test results were very successful meeting all performance parameters and pressure and flow rates as well as all start up and shut down safety features.

    Richard Smith

    Export Sales Manager

    EMAC International Group Ltd.

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