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  • EMAC Repowers 900t Transporters with Deutz Engines

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    Deutz BF8M1015CP repowerDeutz BF8M1015CP repower 2

    EMAC is proud to announce its involvement in a large scale repower programme of railway construction equipment for the domestic market.

    Working with our partner Huachai Power, EMAC International Group Ltd is supplying Huachai Power BF8M1015CP water cooled V8 Deutz licensed diesel engines to one of the bridge building sub-contractors for the national railway expansion program.

    The machines are NDF DCY900 self propelled bridge section transporters. These vehicles can carry bridge sections up to 900 tonnes whilst self levelling and steering by hydraulics. The old Chinese brand engines are being replaced and  repowered by two Huachai/EMAC BF8M1015CP mining spec engines rated at 440kw @2100rpm. These engines are used to power the hydraulic drive, steering and levelling systems.

    The modern water cooled engines feature 4 valve technology, separate heads, gear driven ancillaries and twin turbo chargers. Our engineering team has worked with the customer to provide custom engine mounts and flywheel arrangements as well as operator and maintenance training. 

    Richard Smith

    Export Sales Manager

    EMAC International Group Ltd

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