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  • ISF engine help Chinese customers open up high-tech light truck market

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    As the emission emissions regulations and urbanization develop constantly, the vehicle that can meet the Chinese IV emission standard and efficient logistic requirement are becoming more and more popular for customers. In 2014, Chinese light truck market is going through a revolution: on the one hand, the total sale performance of light truck is slight fall down compare to former years’; on the other hand, the sale performance of high-tech light truck is going up in the ratio of light truck total sale performance. This means customers are prefer to choose high-tech truck rather than low-tech truck and the Chinese light truck logistic are changing its transport method.

    Why choose high-tech light truck? Because its excellent ISF engine—this engine has low emission, high performance, small noise, strong endurance and low fuel consumption, etc. These features are bringing lots of advantages for light truck. Because of these feature, ISF engine become the best choice for Chinese light truck company, including Foton Company Aumark light truck.

    Recently, as the representative of high-tech light truck, Foton Aumark company held a activity called “Aumark efficient customer-made light truck experience trip”, this activity covers south China, middle China, west and east China market. The brilliant performance of ISF engine becomes the highlight of this activity.

    ISF 2.8 engine and ISF 3.8 engine are leading the way of engine performance which including power, fuel adaptability, fuel efficiency and reliability. In the meantime that  ISF engine achieving a perfect match with a vehicle, this engine can provide two IV technical methods; the first one is high pressure common rail + turbocharger and inter-cooler + EGR + POC technology. The second one is the high pressure common rail + turbocharger and inter-cooler + SCR. To meet the Chinese IV emission standard, customers can choose the most suitable technical methods according to his situation.

    Now the ISF 2.8 engine has hit a record of a truck running 800,000 kilometers without overhaul, way ahead of the domestic light engine products. In view of this record, ISF 2.8 engine can directly bring double operating income for the user and save the cost of applying car license, insurance, fuel consumption, maintenance, and even some extra expenses like labor etc.

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