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  • Engines Got High Praise from Russian Users

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    Cummins engine got high praise from Russian customers

    Russia market is one of the most important strategic deployment countries to Dongfeng  Engine Company (DCEC). Back in the year of 2006, DCEC supplied B/ISDe Engine to the biggest automotive OEMs (Original equipment manufacturers) in Russia, which means DCEC take its first step in Russia market. Through years engine model matching up and business developing, DCEC inaugurated a new era of engine in Russian agriculture and industrial market.

    In 2014, the representatives of DCEC visited some of the important automotive OEMs in Russia. During the trip, the representatives heard lots of praise from the user in Russian industry and agriculture for those DCEC  engines they are using. The following are what they had said about engine:

    “Since the time we use Dongfeng engines, it doesn’t occurred any big quality problem. As to the legend for the first time maintenance, Dongfeng engines is 6000~7000 kilometers, but it is just 3000 kilometers for Russian engine. ”

    — said by the quality director in one of the automotive OEMs in Russia

    “Compare to the harvester equipped with the Russian engine, the harvester equipped with the Dongfeng 6LTAA8.9-C300 engine has advantages on the power, economical efficiency, reliability and stability. The sales volume of the the harvester equipped with the Dongfeng  6LTAA8.9-C300 engine is three times as big as the sales volume of the harvester equipped with the Russian engine.”

    — said by the Russian agricultural harvester distributor

    “The noise and vibration of Dongfeng  engine is much more lower than Russian engine, we are very satisfied with the performance of Dongfeng , I hope the quality of engines in the bulk order will be the same. ”

    –Said by The chief engineer of the excavator makers in Russian

    With the support from the customers and its excellent quality, Dongfeng Company successfully helps many people in Russia, they are making their dreams come true!

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