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  • ISF Engine Helped Many Types of Truck Won the Annual Praises of “2015 China Annual Truck Selection”

    You are here: Home » News » News & Events » ISF Engine Helped Many Types of Truck Won the Annual Praises of “2015 China Annual Truck Selection”

    The award ceremony of “2015 China Annual Truck Selection”, which hosted by 《China Automobile Newspaper》, convened in Beijing on 1st, December, 2014. During this ceremony ISF engine gained high praise in the selection, because those trucks that powered by ISF engines attained all the awards except the “annual heavy truck award”. Besides, ISF engine also helped two types of truck gained the annual fuel-efficient truck award.

    In this selection, Forland truck, Foton truck, Karry truck, Naveco truck had gained the awards of 2015 annual mini truck, 2015 annual pickup truck, 2015 annual light duty truck and 2015 annual medium duty truck respectively. Foton Tunland truck and Foton Top Lander won the award of 2015 annual fuel-efficient pickup trucks and 2015 annual fuel-efficient medium duty truck respectively. A common feature of these award-winning trucks is: all equipped with the ISF engines!

    Since ISF engines been put into production from 2009, the technology, operation and services of this type of engines has become more and more mature, and this kind of engine has received lots of positive feedback from the market, the annual sales volume of 2013 had reached to one hundred thousand, and this annual sales volume record is expecting to be broken in 2014.  ISF engine is heavily invested and specifically made for the logistics the modern city and inter-city in global markets, it is a powerful, fuel efficient, durable and reliable engine. ISF engine can meet the emission standards of Chinese IV, V and Euro VI.

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