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  • Shows New Construction Engines in bauma China 2014

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    presents its new construction engines at bauma China 2014 on 25-28th November. These new engines include QSF3.8, QSB7, QSF2.8 to QSX15, QSL8.9 and QSK60 engines. Here are some brief introductions about these engines: QSF3.8 engine is exclusively made for 10-17 ton excavator and 4-10 ton forklift; QSB7 engine is electronic-controlled, off-highway and it reaches to tier 3 emission standards and is made for 20-30 ton excavator;  QSF2.8 to QSX15 engine is using on off-highway light duty engine, medium duty engines and heavy duty engines;  QSL8.9 engine is the best regarding to emission technology, it is called “Tier 4 Final QSL8.9 engine”;  QSK60 engine is a true flagship product for heavy duty engine. Apart from construction engines, there are also somenanotechnology filtration systems and some  ReCon® spareparts are showing in bauma China 2014.

    To meet the requirements of customers, dedicated to develop construction engines, to use the most economic cost to produce the best products.  is the largest engines manufacturer in the world, it can help customers to exploit new market and provide the products, technology and services that can meet the market needs,” said by Xiaoxing Liu-the  Global vice president and China general manager for light duty engine, medium duty engines and heavy duty engines business. “As the emission standard is improving in the world,  can easily meet the emission standard because we have the top emission technology.will keep this advantage and also put more effort into the product development and customer service to create the best value for customers.”

    QSF3.8 engine – exclusively made for 10-17 ton excavator and 4-10 ton forklift
    new four cylinder engine – QSF3.8 series, power range is 99-140 HP (74-104 KW), Chinese III or Euro III off-highway emission standard. This engine can meet the strictest emission standard – EU Stage IV/EPA Tier 4 Final by using selective catalytic reduction (SCR). It has remarkable advantages on power, durability and operating costs.

    Up to now, full electronic-controlled, four cylinder engines has three types of engines, which are 2.8L, 3.8L and 4.5L, its power range covers from 46-173 HP(37-129KW). Other than that, the upgraded version of minimum emission standard – Tier 4 Final is being tested in actual working condition test. What is more, QSF3.8 and QSB4.5 engine series are planned to mass produce in 2015, the mass produce time is the same as the time that the emission standard of 75-173HP(56-129KW) come to effect.

    QSB7 engine – exclusive power for 20-30 ton excavator
    QSB7 engine is specially made for 20-30 ton excavator, the power range covers 160-215HP(120-160KW), the maximum torque is 895 N.m. This type of engine is extremely reliable and durable; also, this engine is easy to maintain and it produce very low noise. What is more, according to the carrying capacity of excavator,  has designed a low fuel consumption area, this feature gives this engine an edge on fuel consumption and it also saves a lot for operating cost.

    QSB7 engine adopts new electronic control module – CM2880, which made this engine gained a unique electronic-controlled and fuel-saving feature, also, CM2880 can make this engine adapt to more type of fuel quality. The other technology that this engine use is the high-pressure common-rail fuel system, which made this engine atomize the fuel better. Moreover, the application of electric fuel injection technology made the engine output the power to the excavator more intelligently at different working time, so that it can supply enough power to the excavator and save more fuel.

    After more than 7 months’ (about 2000 hours) testing, QSB7 has been running with any problems, this proved that this QSB7 engine has brilliant durability and reliability. According to the information from other working field, QSB7 had set a record for its high attendance and low use-cost, QSB7 engine can work 20 hours in a day and normally it can work continuously for 10 months in high intensity without any problems. What is more, the maintenance interval can be 500 hour. This QSB7 really deserves the name of “Money-making machine”.

    B5.9, QS/L9.3 engine-exclusive engine for loading machine
    B5.9, QS/L9.3 (electronic-controlled/mechanic-controlled) engine is specially designed for the 3 ton and 5-6 ton loading machine. This engine set a maximum power point, improved the traction of loading machine, the maximum torque at low speed and the acceleration of the truck, also it expand the economic fuel consumption area, which improve the fuel consumption efficiency.
    L9.3 engine is the special engine for loading machine introduce by company in 2013, this engine is based on medium horse power fundamental platform, mechanical power 162KW(220HP), electronic-controlled power 245HP(180KW).L9.3 engine was designed according to the working feature of the loading machine, its power curve had gained the patent, and it can optimize the combustion in the cylinder to adjust to the workload rate of loading machine. To sum up, L9.3 engine is perfectly match with the 5-6 ton loading machine.

    QSF2.8 engine – 5-8 ton excavator, 1-5 ton forklift
    QSF2.8 engine is the lowest displacement off-highway electronic-controlled engine, power range is 46-74HP (34-55KW), is one of the engines that face to the global market. QSF2.8 engine already have a strong adaptability at the beginning of design process. This engine can meet the emission standard of EU Stage IIIA,IIIB/EPA Tier 4 Final, it adopted an advanced intelligent electronic-controlled system, it can match up perfectly to the main machine and it has a quick insert diagnose system, with all this equipment,QSF2.8 engine can attain a high attendance rate with little maintenance. In May 2014, HELI 2-3.5 ton H series forklift and HANGCHA 1.5-3.5 ton XF series forklift which equipped with QSF2.8 engines were showed CeMAT 2014.

    QSK60 engine – heavy duty engine
    QSK60 engine are using on engineering dump truck, fracturing truck and 400-800 ton super excavator. This engine gained its name of “The First Power” by its high reliability and high production efficiency. QSK60 engine has a V16 cylinder structure, it can produce the power of 3150HP (2350KW), the maximum torque is 11953 N.m, it can easily carry heavy load. Also, this engine has advanced fuel system and electronic-controlled system, which can help this engine decrease fuel consumption and operating cost. Therefore, no matter for what reason – buying new engine or replacing old engine, QSK60 engine will be your best choice.

    ReCon® spareparts
    ReCon® spareparts are genuine spareparts manufactured by  factory using recondition technology. ReCon® spareparts is a energy-saving and environmental-friendly product. In the meantime, ReCon® spareparts can provide customers with high quality products and lower price by using old spareparts. ReCon® spareparts gained a warm welcome from customers all over the world. In bauma China 2014, there are short block, electronic-controlled module , urea pump, fuel pump, fuel injection pump and turbocharger in show.

    nanotechnology filtration systems-  NanoNet™ feul filter
    As the biggest engine core spareparts manufacturer, also showed its nanotechnology filtration systems- NanoNet™ fuel filte in bauma China 2014, after using this nanotechnology, Oil-water separation efficiency can be improved to 99%, this data has been tested with 150,000 hours engine bench test, 75,000 hours off-highway road test and 24,000,000 Kilometers road test. From 2012 to now, NanoNet™ fuel filter has been sold for over 300,000 pieces.

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