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  • The First Batch of Natural Gas Engines Gained the High Praise from Customers

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    Beijing bus system set an example for the cleanness and environmental protection of the national bus system, its branch company—Ba Fang Da Company is the first user of  Chinese natural gas engines. In February 2014, 20 buses which equipped with L8.9G engines running on the outskirt of Beijing city. Nowadays , these buses had run for 40 thousand kilometers and they had gained the high praise from Customers with their excellent quality and services.
    Running for 6 months, these  L8.9G natural gas engines in the bus didn’t have any problem. “In this half year, we just changed some water pumps and throttle valve for these L8.9G natural gas engines, this kind of reliability is better than those similar products.” said by the technology team leader of the Ba Fang Da Company.
    Apart from the excellent product quality,  also provide one-stop service to the customer: a service team that contains technical personnel, members of development team and after-sales personnel provides on-site services to the Ba Fang Da Company people. This service team not only teaches the bus drivers and technology team leader about the knowledge of using  L8.9G natural gas engines and those matters that need attention, but also the technical personnel had trained the drivers face to face and correct the bad habit when the drivers driving.
    At the same time, service personnel will talk to the buses technology team leader and give the drivers a training course at a regular time, to make sure the customer better know the product performance and make sure these buses are running at the best condition. “ services are really thoughtful, the service teammates stay with us for three months and they can solve any problems in time, I think we had became good friends since then.” said by the Ba Fang Da Company services leader.

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