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  • Mine Wide-body dump truck “Good Buddy” are offline for Selling

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    Mine Wide-body dump truck “Good Buddy” are offline for Selling

    Cummins 6ZTAA-C

    Through Dongfeng continuous research and development and technological breakthrough, the first 6ZTAA-C engine are officially offline in the near future. This engine will be applied to large engineering machinery and mine wide-body dump truck, the maximum power up to 480 HP, the engine is highest power in the domestic similar displacement engines, it’s maximum torque is 2310 N•m, the minimum fuel consumption is 186g/kw.h, power and torque higher 10% more than that similar products.

    It is well known that the demanding for engine of mine wide-body dump truck is very strict, the main characteristics of its operating conditions is closer, curve, steep slope, and large load capacity, it puts forward high requirements on the engine, strong power, good grade ability, easy to start. These requirements can boil down to the big torque with low speed. And Dongfeng 6ZTAA-C engine are large power of 480 HP, maximum torque of 2310 N•m and super low speed torque of 2150N•m/1000rpm. It is a mine wide-body dump truck “golden partner” completely.

    Cummins 6ZTAA-C for application

    The first 6ZTAA- C prototype offline smoothly, lays a foundation for the engine bulk sales.

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