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  • DCEC 6BT5.9 Series Construction Engine

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    DCEC 6BT5.9 series construction engine.>> Advanced design and excellent manufacturing: meets the harsh conditions, high strength and heavy load operation capacity.

    >> Holset exhaust bypass valve: making low-speed performance more perfect and powerful.

    >> Integrated design: “a multi-energy” of cylinder, cylinder head and other parts reduces the connection. And the engine contains up to 40% fewer parts than competitive engines in its class. This results in a less chance of failure than other competitive ones.

    >> Excellent reliability: using forged camshaft and crankshaft, high-strength cylinder design, many parts cast in the cylinder, high stiffness, high pressure resistance and longer engine life.

    >> Platform mesh honing design of the cylinder liner: applying the perfect geometric structure to effectively prevent oil leakage.

    >> Rotor high-pressure fuel pump: lower fuel consumption, and effectively reduce noise.

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