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Engine Model: BF8M1015C
Engine Type: 6 Cylinders, V type
Displacement: 15.874 L
Rated Speed: 2100 rpm
Rated Power: 400kW
Max. Torque/Speed: 2640N.m/1200rpm
Aspiration Method: Turbocharged & Inter-cooled
Emission Standard: Euro II
Fuel Consumption: 195g/kW.h
Packing Size(L*W*H): N/A
Gross Weight: N/A
Lead Time: 15-30working days
Payment Terms: T/T ,L/C
DCEC EQB140-20 Automotive Engine

BF8M1015C Construction Engine


BF8M1015C Construction Engine

Advanced Deutz V-engine. The power is from 214KW to 440KW. The emission is better than Euro Ⅱ

The torque reserve is from 30% to 45%. The rated speed scope is 1800~2100r/min. It can be fit for many different kinds of products and can be applicated in different road conditions.

The engine adopts the inner oil-line and inner water channel structure that makes the external pipes less distinctly. It can reduce the potential possibilities of failures. The service life is about 15000 hours.

One-cylinder-one-head structure, good universality and convenient maintenance.

The inlet heating device can keep good start at temperature of -35℃

Engine Model
Rated power/ Speed kW /r/min
Max. Torque/Speed N.m / r/min
BF6M1015 240kW/2100rpm 1420N.m/1500rpm Turbocharged Euro II
BF6M1015C 300kw/2100rpm 1978N.m/1200rpm Turbocharged & Intercooler Euro II
BF6M1015CP 330kw/2100rpm 1876N.m/1300rpm Turbocharged & Intercooler Euro II
BF8M1015C 400kw/2100rpm 2640N.m/1200rpm Turbocharged & Intercooler Euro II
BF8M1015CP 440kw/2100rpm 2500N.m/1300rpm Turbocharged & Intercooler Euro II
General Information of BF8M1015C Construction Engine
Engine Model BF8M1015C
Engine Type 6 Cylinders, V type
Displacement 15.874 L
Bore*Stroke 132*145
Compression Ratio N/A
Net Weight (with flywleel & alternator) 1060 KG
Overall Diemension(L*W*H) 1151mm*955mm*1174mm
Technical Specification of BF8M1015C Construction Engine
Certification Euro II
Aspiration Turbocharged & Inter-cooled
Fuel Pump N/A
Start Mothod Electric Start
Electrical System 24v
Performance Data of BF8M1015C Construction Engine
Rated Power 400kW
Max.Torque/Speed 2640N.m/1200rpm
Fuel Consumption @ Rated Power 195g/kw.h
Idel Speed 600rpm

Performance Curve of BF8M1015C Construction Engine

DCEC-Auotomotive-Engine-ConfigurationA complete engine with all necessary accessories mainly includes followings:

Fuel Injection System Flywheel Flywheel Housing Turocharger
Intake Manifold Exhaust Manifold Starter Motor Alternator
Clamp & Hose Manual & Documents Oil Filter & Fuel Filter Water Pump & Oil Pump

Working together with our business partner Huachai-Deutz, we are able to provide a complete engine power pack for all different kinds of automotive manufacturers in all over the world. We are providing design, supply, installation and commissioning, for more information, please visit Fast Transmission For auotmotive application option, we can provide transmission.

User Guidelines

1. As a rule, engines are delivered without oil. Pour lube oil into the oil filler neck(arrow).

2. You should take new engine checking and mileage compulsory maintenance when beyond the running travelled distance.

3. You should be clearly that you can’t modify the structure of the engine or vehicle.

4. if you need to change the spare parts, make sure that you use original spare parts. After-market parts might damage your engine.

5. Unscrew filling cap, unscrew vent plugs.Add coolant up to filling-up limit mark. Pay attention to the coolant outlet, screw it if spilling.Screw filling cap.Start engine and warm up until thermostat opens (the coolant line from fan unit to thermostat warming obviously).Switch off engine.For the first running, check coolant level and top up as required.

6. Checking Battery and Cable Connectors. After the engine has been prepared, let it run for about 10 minutes without load. Check the engine for leaks. Check the oil level and top up if necessary. Tighten the V-belt. During the break-in phase – about 200 operating hours – check the oil level twice a day. After the engine is broken in, checking once a day will be sufficient.

a. Before starting, make sure that nobody is standing in the immediate vicinity of the engine or driven machine. After repair work, check that all guards have been replaced and that all tools have been removed from the engine.

b. When starting with glow plugs,do not use any other starter substance(e.g. injection with start pilot). Doing so could result in an accident.

c. Never start the engine with speed governor removed. Disconnect battery.

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