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  • Diesel Engine Maintenance

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    1.1   Lubriation System

    1.1.1          Oil Change Cycle

    First time oil change should around 50 working hours for new engine or engine be overhauled, oil change cycle afterwards should decide according to engine using condition and oil quality, diesel oil change cycle should be 125 h, apart from changing oil , also change oil filter.

    Pay attention to the oil give off whether there impurities in the oil and metal scrap which should not have. When finding abnormal phenomenon, report to relevant personnel immediately.

    1.1.2       Check Oil Level, Change Oil

    Pull out oil dipstick , to dry oil stains at front end of oil dipstick with clean soft cloth won`t drop. Then put back dipstick to oil dipstick tube to make sure it reaches to bottom and then pull out.


    Must check every day whether there is oil shortage for engine, whether oil is clean, check whether oil level is within normal range under condition of engine and vehicle are in a horizontal position under cold state. If necessary, add oil to the “largest” tag. If oil level is just above the minimum marking, then you should add amount of oil.


    Before changing oil, run diesel engine to preheat first, make oil temperature to 80 ℃, stop. Oil change steps:

    a) Screw down oil screw plug or open the outlet switch

    b) Replace new gasket, install oil drain screw plug and tighten or close oil drain switch.

    c) Add new oil

    d) Check oil level

    Note: Take precautions against hot oil burns, properly handle the old engine oil, protect the environment.

    1.1.3       Replace Oil Filter


    a) Use generic tools unscrewed the filter;

    b) Use vessel collect dripping oil;

    c) Clean surface of oil filter soleplate

    d) Filled with clean engine oil to oil filter

    e) Put back oil filter to original place and tighten

    f) Strengthen and tight the oil filter for half a circle

    g) Check oil level

    h) Check oil pressure

    i) Check whether there is oil leakage for oil filter

    1.2   Diesel Oil System

    Steps to replace the diesel filter:

    a) Cut off oil switch;

    b) Use common tool to take down filter;

    c) Use vessel collect dripping oil to prevent oil dripping to alternator belt and pollute the environment;

    d) Clean surface of oil filter soleplate

    e) Smear oil or diesel oil to surface of rubber blanket of the new filter element

    f) Screw on new filter element by hand until joint with gasket ;

    g) Strengthen and tight the oil filter for half a circle;

    h) Open oil switch

    i) Check leakage situation

    1.3   Cooling  System

    1.3.1       Cleaning Period

    The cooling system smudgy degree is associated with use of mechanical. If is the place is of heavy dust, check should be more careful. Cooling system inside washing should be determined according to usage, if environmental dust is heavy , with larger humidity or leakage, should shorten the cleaning inspection period, check the cooling system Every 125 h (working hours), 500 h (working hours) to clean the cooling system.

    1.3.2       Diesel engine Cleaning

    Cleaning Diesel Engine with Compressed Air Steps:

    a) Use compressed air to clean diesel engine

    b) Spray with water to clean dust on the diesel engine

    c) Confirm the diesel oil drain smooth on the engine body

    After cleaning the diesel engine with water, start the diesel engine, make diesel engine under the working temperature to evaporate water on the surface to prevent corrosion.

    2. Check Air Filter

    Check air filter every day or must be checked after running for 10 working hours, timely clean air filter element, cleaning dust mouth regularly. Air filter element which have be cleaned for five times must be replaced or at most two years, when installing air filter element, air filter element and air filter shell must be sealed.

    3. Check Respirator

    Clean and inspect engine respirator per work for1000 hours or running for 30000 km .


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