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Henan Diesel Engine Was Successfully Installed in “The Best Warship of the West Africa”

Recently, the TBD234V12 diesel engine of Henan Diesel Engine Industry CO., LTD(HND) was successfully installed in the new coastal patrol ship, which is going to be exported to Nigeria. The delivery ceremony was held in Qingdong city, Jiangsu province at …

Diesel Engine Maintenance

1.1   Lubriation System 1.1.1          Oil Change Cycle First time oil change should around 50 working hours for new engine or engine be overhauled, oil change cycle afterwards should decide according to engine using condition and oil quality, diesel oil change …

Difference between Automotive and Construction Engine

Regarding to the difference between the automotive diesel engine and construction diesel engine, here there are some points, firstly, the emission requirement of the construction diesel engine is very low; it pays more attention to the power and torque. The …

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